Reading left to right from top line: 1. Composite of photos from 2015, Violetta doing radio interviews and performing. 2. Cover illustration by for the CD 'Honoring My Roots'. 3. Jaume Vilaseca and Violetta (photo: Sadhbh Burt Fitzgerald). 4. Violetta performing at Palle Jazz Festival 2014 (photo: Caro Cañellas Espai Fotogràfic). 5 + 6. Honoring My Roots at Nau Ivanow (photos: Carol García). 7, 8, 9 (photos Sadhbh Burt Fitzgerald. 10, 11 Violetta performing at Palle Jazz Festival with Jaume Vilaseca, Ramon Diaz and Dick Them 2014 (photo: Caro Cañellas Espai Fotogràfic).  12. Honoring My Roots at Jamboree (photo: Antonio Narváez). 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 Upstairs Barcelona (photo: Judit Rodriguez). 19. Violetta at Platja d'Aro (photo: ) 20. Taking a bow at Platja d'Aro ,upright bass (standing in for Dick Them), Violetta, Ramon Diaz, drums, Jaume Vilaseca, piano (photo: )