2014: Honoring My Roots

This live album records Violetta's tribute to her Jazz pianist father and the musical influences she grew up with in Philadelphia. Capturing the intimacy, emotion and energy of Violetta's concerts, here are some of the most iconic songs of the 20th Century.

2010: Here We Go Again

Vocals by Violetta on this album by pianist and composer Michele Faber.

2008: Unconditional Love

An album dedicated to love in all its bittersweet forms, with original compositions and arrangements. Violetta expresses intimate experiences through a vocal richness that echo late night dreams and early morning realities.

2007: This Is The Soundtrack Of My Life

Shared vocals and composition credits on this new-soul-jazz album by DJ Mibor.

2005: Chocolat Soul

Shared vocals on this chill-out album by DJ Mibor.

Before 2005

Various recordings as house vocalist for Cassagrande and Metropol records, including dance floor hits:

Dança Meu Bem (Darwin Barboza & Jose Hernandez and featured on the Ibiza Annual 2005)

Feel This Way ( David PeredaJose Luis HernandezNacho Peña)