Taking place in the beautiful MEAM Museum (Museum of European Art) in Barcelona and with pianist Ismael Dueñas, my ambition is to take people on a musical journey between styles, genres and cultures. Too often we are confined within a particular category of music, like a box in a record store (remember those;), and lose the possibility to soar across the musical landscape on the wings of wondrous exploration.

Friday 21 June

MEAN Barcelona

18:00 €14 (includes museum visit)


For this concert I undertake an intimate and emotional musical journey that encapsulates my mood at this moment in time, with a repertoire selected because of its ability to release deep-rooted feelings within me. Sometimes we don’t know why a composition affects us as it does but the result can be cathartic, releasing strong and repressed emotions that need expressing. Music helps me to heal and hopefully you will share this experience with me in a concert of very personal favourites.

Sunday 7 July

Jamboree Jazz Club

Plaça Reial, Barcelona

20:00 & 22:00 €15

Reliving Whitney Houston

Following the sold-out Whitney show at the Wild Bunch club in Barcelona and the rewards that engaging with and reworking this material, I have decided to take this exploration a step further. The first concert was piano and voice only but for this next gig I work with Jazz trio Jaume Vilaseca, Dick Them and Ramon Diaz. With Jaume’s wonderful arrangements and the challenge of Houston’s incredible vocal range, we have challenged ourselves to make something special. Join us to see if we rise to the occasion.

Tuesday February 26

Jamboree Jazz Club

Plaça Reial

20:00 & 22:00 €15


This concert is both a tribute to a remarkable voice and a chance to revisit material that is so embedded in the popular consciousness that it becomes almost invisible. Along with her long-term collaborator, the incredible Catalan pianist Jaume Vilaseca, the show will be an intimate revisiting and revelatory retelling of the songs of Whitney Houston.

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A new departure! Violetta hosts her own radio show as part of a new programme on RadioKanalBarcelona 106.9FM called Movers and Shakers. With three other women presenters, she will host the show at least once a month. Violetta's hour will be subtitled 'Voices for the Earth's Transformation - how your creative expression transforms you and your world'. Each programme she will have a guest to interview, someone who has made their mark through their cultural intervention. The first programme airs on Wednesday 2nd May, 11am to 12, and then runs every Wednesday thereafter. The actual schedule for Violetta's shows, with guests, will be posted soon. Check it out on or Violetta's Facebook page below.


A lunchtime concert at the Terramar Hotel in the historic and beautiful town of Sitges with Jaume Vilaseca on piano.

Sunday 15th April, 2018

13:00 - 15:00

Adm: free


Violetta will play two concerts at this celebrated Jazz Club, one at 20:00 and the second at 22:00, with Jaume Vilaseca piano, Curro Gálvez bass, Ramón Díaz drums.

Friday 13th April, 2018

Jamboree Jazz Club Barcelona

Plaça Reial 17, Barcelona 08002, Spain

Adm:€15 (€13 web bookings)


Centre Civic La Fonteta

28 October 2017 - 21:30

ADM €5

In this beautiful town, Violetta and band perform a selection of Jazz classics, with a few originals and unexpected special arrangements.



Altafulla Mar Hotel, Via Augusta 13-21, Altafilla, Tarragona, Spain

22:00 Free

With Jaume Vilaseca on piano, this will be a great opportunity to hear Violetta in the intimate setting of the Altafulla Mar Hotel.

Violetta Curry & Jaume Vilaseca tocarán su repertorio de 'Bluesy Ballads' al Altafulla Mar Hotel el sábado 7 Octubre empezando a las 22h. Venid a cenar con amig@s y a disfrutar de nuestra música.


Violetta's restless exploration of her voice and abilities will see Boleros added to her wide repertoire of Jazz, Soul and Opera. Always seeking to push the boundaries of song writing and interpretation, the beautiful Latin genre of soulful ballads, usually of love and loss will see her working with regular collaborator, Jaume Vilaseca. Except something very special.

Sneak preview here: